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Yoga - A Healing Journey

Benefits of a Yoga Practice


  • Breathing to full lung capacity.  

  • Developing a healthy body, mind, and spirit 

  • Strong, clear mind

  • Calm sense of self 

  • Helps to manage anxiety naturally

  • Higher mental skill

  • Agility training for competitive sports 

  • Helps cultivate a sense of well being, vitality, and peace





My dedication to yoga began during recovery from a debilitating back injury and its accompanying anxiety. I learned breathing is a phenomenal tool for mind/body awareness and healing.

Yoga offered me a way to restore and stabilize my physical strength and inner strength. Yoga has the ability to uplift, bringing a sense of empowerment and mindfulness into your daily life. Mindfulness allows for life choices to align with our goals, creating a peaceful environment that allows us to be more comfortable in our own skin.


I received a Viniyoga 200 hour certification with River Cummings at Old Town Yoga in Fort Collins, CO. I offer a practice that is approachable for anyone regardless of ability, flexibility, or age. It is a safe place to begin yoga, and then offers a multitude of ways to progressively expand and challenge your practice. My classes also incorporate chanting, breathwork, and meditation. I am grateful for the opportunity to guide students onto the path of yoga.




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