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Class Schedule   


Classes are at The Cardio Connection 


 Yoga: 5:30pm


 Yoga: 5:30pm


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Beginning Yoga

This yoga class is suitable for all levels. The classes generally begin with a breathing practice, incorporating gentle qi-gong and progress with sequences building strength and flexibility in a slower moving flow. The focus is on moving with breath control, awareness and alignment. Expect to find an awareness of your breath, and to open both your body and heart!


Intermediate Yoga 

This class is suitable for experienced yoga students.  It has additional postures and breathwork building upon the beginning class. The stonger breath capacity gained in Beginning Yoga will help facilitate a transistion to holding poses longer and learning stronger postures.  


Gentle Yoga in the Park

This yoga class is suitable for all levels and ages.  Gentle Yoga combines breathwork, chair yoga, qi-gong, and light weights for a low impact hour. It is a gentle workout sitting in a chair or using a chair for balance when standing.  There is nothing on the floor.  It will increase your range of motion, flexibility, tone, and strengthen your body.